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The Valorisation and Technology Transfer Unit (UViT) is the specialized unit for handling the IPR portfolio in the University of Lleida. The UViT works close to researchers in the fields of Agrifood, Biomedicine, Technology and Sustainability and Social Development to identify research results with market potential, to assess the community on the best IP protection strategy and to commercialise technologies through licensing-out agreements and the creation of technology-based companies.
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Electronics, IT and TelecommsEnergy TechnologyBiological SciencesMedicine, Human HealthBiology / Biotechnology and 4 more
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Research & Technology Organization
Jaume II, 69 bis
25001 Lleida
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The invention DARWIN-PCM is a new dynamic thermal system to be used in buildings to minimize their energy consumption for space heating and cooling. The University of Lleida seeks an industrial partner willing to adopt this new technology. The type of partner sought is for the production and comm[…]

The A3 Chair in Leather Innovation developed an innovative aqueous extraction procedure to obtain a tannin-rich extract from seed grapes. The new extract contains a mixture of tannins and non-tannins which confers an improved antioxidant and light fastness properties. The extract also contains a co[…]

The invention consists of a heat sink with an array of fins which are parallel-oriented to the flow direction at low temperature but, as the temperature locally increases, deform to perturb the flow. The main applications of the device are computers, telecommunications, medical devices, industrial […]

We are looking for a licensing agreement with a company with expertise in the field of neurosciences. More particularly, we are willing to find a company involved in the development of therapeutic solutions for the rare disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).[…]

A family of compounds with enhanced thermal properties was jointly developed by chemistry and energy engineering researchers. This technology is under further development for obtaining compounds with the same thermal properties but from affordable natural sources i.e. fats and oils, usually consider[…]

Our technology is based on a microorganism with demonstrated bio-preservative activity. The strain CPA-7 of Pseudomonas graminis, isolated from fruit, is capable of inhibiting the growth of foodborne human pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in fresh-cut[…]

A group of researchers in the University of Lleida have preclinical evidence for the positive effects of a peptide administration in the mouse model for ALS (mSOD1G93A mice). When treated with a solution containing interleukin-4 polypeptide (IL4), the team is able to prolong survival, delay the mani[…]

The University of Lleida seeks industrial partners with expertise in the sector of crop production to adopt a new technology of optimized feed solution for egg producers (poultry market). The type of partner sought is for the regulatory codevelopment and commercialization of our solution under a tec[…]

We seek industrial partners with expertise in the sector of crop production to adopt a new technology useful to deliver optimized feed solution to fight coccidiosis. The type of partner sought is mainly for the regulatory codevelopment and the commercialization of our solution under a technology li[…]

A multidisciplinary team involving doctors and engineers developed a medical device to cover the surgeons’ need at the moment of closing a laparotomy. With real-time information on force and distance, surgeons may decide the most appropriate closure technique and materials to be used for each single[…]

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Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT)

Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT)

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